Wastewater Research and Treatment Instruments & Equipment

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Challenge Technology, USA

[We are exclusive distributor for Challenge Technology Products in India, Bangladesh & Gulf Region]

  The Challenge Technology ODM-100 measures real-time oxygen demand at any point in a waste water treatment operation, making it one of the most important monitoring instruments available. The flexibility of this instrument will give operators a snapshot of the biological activity at any point in the process; from influent, to aeration, to clarifiers. The ODM-100, on the influent stream, can give operators real-time plant loading data, and monitor for toxic events. The ODM-100, on the aeration basin, can give you oxygen uptake data that can be used for aeration control and optimizing activated sludge recycle rates. The Challenge Technology ODM-100 gives the operator an additional tool, to improve plant efficiency,and reduce down time.


 The AER-204 (Four Channels), AER-208 (Eight Channels), AER-216  (Sixteen Channels), AER-224 (Twenty Four Channels) Research Respirometer System facilitates the automated,precision measuring and continuous recording of respiration rates for both aerobic and anaerobic lab-scale cultures, on up to 24 reactors,simultaneously. This system has been the cornerstone of countless discoveries in isolating and understanding the effects of various environmental and biological variables present in biological microcosms,and has been a primary research tool, used in hundreds of research projects, worldwide.

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