A fast and accurate digital thermometer for body temperature evaluation in laboratory animals using rectal probes.


Infrared thermometer with unmatched accuracy for assessing cutaneous temperature in small rodents.



Physitemp Instruments, USA



RET-2 - Rectal probe for rats. For fast intermittent measurements. Smooth ball tip. Stainless steel shaft - 1 \" long, 0.059\" dia., tip dia. .125\". 5 ft. lead. Max Temp. 125°C. Time constant 0.8 secs. Not Isolated.


RET-3 - Rectal probe for mice. As RET-2, with shaft 3/4\" long. .028\" dia. Tip diameter .065\". Time constant 0.5 secs. Not Isolated.


RET-1 - Rectal probe for humans, neonatal, rabbits, and larger animals. Flexible, vinyl covered, soft tipped. Does not cause discomfort. Max. Temp. 90°C. Time constant 5.0 secs. 5 ft. lead. Isolated.

OT-1 - For fast reading oral use. Ball-tipped stainless steel shaft, stainless handle. 5 ft. lead. Max. Temp. 125°C. Time constant 0.8 secs. Not Isolated.


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