Syringe Pumps & Software (Nonclinical)




 New Era Pump Systems Inc. ,USA

We are a designer and manufacturer of syringe and peristaltic pumps for the laboratory and research industry. Originally founded in 1996 by Barry Cowen, with experts from the syringe pump industry, our flagship product line the NE-1000 Family of Syringe Pumps, has lived up to the ideal of giving the best value to the customer. The NE-1000 Family of Syringe Pumps includes all the advanced features of a high end pump (infusion & withdrawal, programmability and computer compatibility) at an affordable price.


NE-300 (Just Infusion)                            NE-1000 (Single Syringe)                  NE-4000 (Two Syringes)


NE-1002X & NE-4002X                                         NE-8000                             OEM & Custom Pumps
     (Microfludics)                                (High Pressure, Single Syringe)



  NE-1600 (Six Syringes)                           NE-1800 (Eight Syringes)                  NE-1200 (Twelve Syringes)



(The Next Generation Continuous Infusion Syringe Pump)




NE-9000B (Peristaltic Pump)                                     NE-9000G (Peristaltic Pump)


Applications of New Era Pumps are

  • High Pressure

  • Electrospinning
  • Microfluidics

  • Continuous Operation Dispensing System (Push-Pull)

  • Variable Concentration/Constant Flow

  • Automated Dispensing System

  • Anti-Drip

  • Design Services


For Complete Product Details, Please visit website.


SyringePumpPro, Australia

SyringePumpPro, Australia

[We are SyringePumpPro Software distributor for SAARC (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal etc.) Region & Middle East Countries]

SyringePumpPro is licensed by installation (installed copies) and the number of pumps connected to that/those installation(s). All licenses apply to a single computer.

SyringePumpPro Software enables you to connect multiple pumps to your computer and control them individually or as a group. You can automatically monitor all pump parameters without having to enter any commands. You can configure and control multi-pump protocols, log pump activity and send commands to selected pumps. Get to your results faster.

Note:  When purchasing SyringePumpPro Software please provide us with the email address who will be downloading the software.


For Download the SyringePumpPro Software (Trial Version), please click the below link

For Complete Product Details, Please visit website.

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