Motorized Stereotaxic Systems

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 Neurostar is the inventor and only manufacturer of the Motorized Stereotaxic StereoDrive. Using the Motorized Stereotaxic, you can focus on the experiment without having to manipulate the stereotaxic. StereoDrive allows motorized, computer controlled stereotaxic positioning in all 3 orthogonal axes. Atlas integration and intuitive movement control enables high accuracy, high-throughput electrophysiology and stereotaxic injections.


As an add-on to the Motorized Stereotaxic the Drill Robot allows unprecedented precision for the drilling procedure required prior microinjection procedures or electrode placement.The CNC Drill Robot is fully driven by the computer controlled Motorized Stereotaxic system. Depth or rectangular skullcap cutout parameters can be defined in an user-friendly manner.The advancement steps of the drill (below 50µm) is computer controlled eliminating the human induced errors and deviations.


  The Injection Robot is the only ultraprecise microinjection system with software control and atlas integration. It combines the benefits of the motorized stereotaxic StereoDrive and the versatile microinjection pump InjectoMate. From now on you can perform multisite microinjections. Define your targets and injection protocol and the Robot will take over.


The Drill & Microinjection Robot allows highprecision injection without recalibrating after drilling. After loading the syringe you can perform injections in subsequent animals without tool exchange and without recalibration - all in one step. 


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