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TotalLab Limited, UK

Total Lab Limited deals in Life Sciences Analysis Software such as Electrophoresis, Array analysis, Gel, Blot, Colony Counting etc.

The Phoretix family of software for electrophoresis analysis was first produced in 1991. TotalLab was first released in 1998 representing a breakthrough in levels of automation and ease of use. Both were developed by Nonlinear Dynamics Ltd. In 2002 ImageQuant TL™ (IQTL) was created for GE Healthcare by the TotalLab team based on TotalLab v2.TotalLab Ltd was spun-off from Nonlinear in 2007 taking with it the Phoretix and TotalLab product ranges and, in 2009, a new management team was created to push forward new development projects required to satisfy changing market needs. Nonlinear Dynamics continues to develop their leading-edge Progenesis range of software for 2D Electrophoresis, LC-MS and MALDI. TotalLab Ltd. and Nonlinear Dynamics are in the same group of companies.


Case Studies:  Totallab Quant

Case Studies:  Phoretix 1D

Case Studies:  Phoretix 1D Pro


1D Gel Quantification and Western Blots

Easy to use analysis suite for quantifying SDS PAGE and Agarose gel electrophoresis, Western blots, simple DNA and protein arrays, dot blots and colony counting.


Lane Comparison and Clustering

High quality analysis for quantification of SDS PAGE, Agarose gels, Western blots,etc and lane comparison experiments such as SDS PAGE, RFLP, DGGE, RAPD, SSCP etc. in a single gel.


All the tools in Phoretix 1D but with added database storage provides the ideal solution for generating and manipulating large lane comparison data sets together with long term archiving of gel data and experiments.


GxP software

An excellent solution for regular 1D gel analysis and archiving according to 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in GxP environments.


The solution for analysing and storing lane sample data to satisfy regulatory requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in GxP environments.


Protein Arrays

A highly automated specialist Array product for quantitative analysis of simple, or complex, single and multi channel arrays.


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