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Caisson Laboratories Inc, USA

[We are Caisson Laboratories products distributor for SAARC (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal etc.) Region & Middle East Countries]

Caisson Labs manufacture and supply products for animal cell culture (including: cell culture media, FBS (Fetal bovine serum), buffer solutions, antimicrobials, and other reagents) and for plant research and micropropagation (including tissue culture media, plant growth regulators, agars, biochemicals and much more).

Caisson Labs has following products

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GeneDireX, Taiwan

Ever since the introduction of the brand, GeneDireX,in 2007, we have focused on providing innovative products to the scientific community worldwide. Our primary objective is to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to provide research tools that are high quality, affordable and easy to use. New products and services are added to the GeneDireX family every year to further improve the research capabilities of our customers.

GeneDireX has following products

  • Consumable ( Tissue Culture Dish, ELISA Plate, Tissue Culture Plate, Serological Pipet, Centrifuge Tube, Filter Cups)
  • Recombinant Protein (Interleukins, Interferons, BMPs, TNFs, CSFs, SCFs, VEGFs, FGFs, PDGFs, IFGs, Leptins, Prolactins, Growth Hormones, SDFs, MCPs, MIPs, GRVs)


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iNtRON Biotechnology, Korea

iNtRON biotechnology, Inc. is manufacturer of high quality biological reagents and veterinary diagnostic PCR kit along with other cutting edge biotechnology products. iNtRON biotechnology has been specialized in all-in-one amplification technology of PCR/RT-PCR pre-mixture and manufacturing pathogen identification kits. All their products are 100% guaranteed to meet the quality standard and performance expectations (ISO9001:2008,13485:2003,14001:2004 Certified).

DNA Prep

•  Plasmid & Probe DNA    •  Genomic DNA     •  Buffer & Column     


RNA Prep

•  Total RNA Prep    •  Buffer & Column    


•  Protein Synthesis   •  Protein Extraction   •  Protein Measurement   •  Protein Verification    •  Protein Marker

•  Western Blot


•  DNA Polymerase    •  Master Mix    •  PCR Premix    •  PCR Other   •  DNA Market   •  Buffer



•  RT/RT-PCR    •  cDNA Synthesis    •  RT Enzyme    •  Other


•  Cloning    •  Transformation    •  Mutagenesis


Cell Culture

•  Transfection    •  Cell Culture Assay    •  Cell Culture Buffer    •  Mycoplasma


Chemical & Other

•  Chemical & Other    •  Agarose    •  Enzyme    •  Mycoplasma    •  Others


Pre-made Buffer

•  Maxime



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•  Instrument    •  Micro Pipette   


Lab Well-being

•  Lab Well-being Series  


•  Exbio 



•  Virus    •  Becteria    •  Parasite   •  Fungi 


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